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What social media channels are the best fit?
How do I know if activity on social is working?
How often should I post?
Do I need to reply to people who comment?
What is Google My Business and why does it matter? 
What kind of video do I need for social?
How much should I spend on video?
Why do website development costs vary so much?
Should I hire a photographer or do it myself?
How do I deal with online reviews and/or trolls?
Customer's are messaging more and more, how do I manage?

Craftsman Media helps small and medium size businesses answer these questions, and more. We execute creative, consistent, localized social media marketing. We embed ourselves into your company to understand your culture, products, and services. We focus on the context of your whole business to create customized content that fits a strategy.  


We offer affordable social media marketing, monitoring, video production, graphic design, and web development. We develop, maintain and leverage your digital 'ecosystem'.  


You've worked hard to build your brand. We will help you take it to the next level with care and craftsmanship. 

our values at work

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Craftsman Cafe

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We believe in doing great work. We believe in doing great works, too.


Our events and community gatherings have raised nearly $300,000. We have supported Oasis for Orphans, Cristo Rey St Martin High School, Lake County Children's Advocacy Center, The Sports Shed, and many others.  

We believe in the power of creating community both online and offline. It's central to our work at Craftsman Media, and it's central to our work in the greater community.


We started Craftsman Cafe to exercise our passion for music, art, community building, and paying it forward. We've produced concerts, chef events, discos, and other creative events.     

We started ViTALS College Conference because of our belief in coaching and mentoring, and the fact all students benefit from the guidance of professionals in our community. We've recruited over 35 local professionals who serve as mentors. They include business owners and executives from local pharma companies, vehicle dealerships, educators, investment professionals and community leaders. 

Click on our Facebook channel below to learn more and see us in action. 



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