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Jimmy Connell is the creative engine that casts the vision for the Craftsman Media team. A lover of all things creative - Jimmy's an avid reader, marketing geek, and music aficionado.  


A graduate of DePaul University, Jimmy brings his marketing education and professional experience to lead teams that focus on building solutions that move the needle.


If you are interested in taking your marketing, and specifically your social media, to the next level please drop us a line. Sharing his knowledge, Jimmy teaches Social Media at the College of Lake County and consults with a number of local non-profits.


Craftsman MEDIA brings a wealth of knowledge and resources to each project and assignment.  Our capabilities include social media planning and execution, website development, affordable video production, graphic design, as well as sales and marketing consulting.    


We enjoy projects both big and small, and are eager to engage with you, so you can better engage with your clients! 

Understanding business objectives and valuing relationships is what makes Jimmy and the Craftsman Media team an asset. 


Let's talk! 

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